3 Common Air Conditioning Problems

Summer in Peterborough can be pretty uncomfortable if your air conditioner breaks down. It becomes almost imperative to get a reliable AC that goes a long way. There is discomfort and the cost of repair attached to getting it fixed. So, it’s always a good idea to be aware of some of the most common problems.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Problems That Might Occur With Your Cooling System

Refrigerant Leaks

One of the common problems people face is related to refrigerant levels. You should check for overcharging, or if it is low, either undercharged during installation or shows leaks.

Our trained technicians at Kawartha Eco Climate Control fix any leaks in the unit, test the repair, and charge the system with an adequate amount of refrigerant. The refrigerant charge should match the manufacturer’s and never be overcharged or undercharged.

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AC not Cooling Properly

If your AC is not cooling properly, look for the following reasons. Check if the air filter is clogged. You can replace it with new ones. Ideally, air filters should be replaced once every 2-3 months. Check for low refrigerant, faults with the motor, dust accumulated outdoor unit, or even incorrect mode selection.

Cooling Is Not Effective Due To These Reasons

  1. Dirty Outdoor Unit
    The job of the outdoor unit is to take hot air from inside the room via the indoor unit and condense it into cool air. The cool air is taken back to the indoor unit. But, when the outdoor unit becomes dirty, the efficiency with which it performs becomes less. The outdoor unit can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth after ensuring that the power supply is turned off.

  2. Faulty Motor
    Your system ceases to work if the motor is broken. The air conditioner can’t function properly or offer sufficient cooling if you see the fan not spinning. We’ve got you covered for AC service in Peterborough. You can always rely on our competent, skilled, and experienced tech team.

  3. Wrong AC Mode
    It is often neglected, and people start searching for malfunctions in the AC unit. Start by checking if the mode selected is according to your needs. If it is wrong, you can always switch back to cooling mode and set the correct temperature, and wait for some time.

  4. Electric Control Failure
    Check for the corrosion of wire and terminals every once because that can be a problem in many systems. The compressor and fan can wear out when the air-conditioner is frequently turned off. It can happen when a system is oversized.

Electrical connections and contacts should be checked by a trusted professional. We are an HVAC company in Peterborough serving your residential, commercial, and needs relating to construction. We provide furnace repairfurnace installationair conditioning repair and AC service in Peterborough, Lindsay, Lakefield, ON, and surrounding areas.

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