Should Your Air Conditioner Be Hosed Down?

Unclean air conditioners or heat pumps can harm the cooling system’s effectiveness in your home. An HVAC system may also suffer harm or more severe problems. How, then, may outdoor units be washed and cleaned? Is using a hose okay? They are large, pricey electrical devices.

Using a Hose on an AC Unit

Cleaning an air conditioner or heat pump with a hose is simple. It would help if you cleaned the units once or twice a year; it’s a safe technique to do or a helpful step-by-step procedure. The primary purpose of a condenser is to bring in outside air. Additionally, it brings in grass, leaves, dust, pollen, and dirt. According to experts of air conditioning repair in Peterborough, it must only be washed under running water from top to bottom to function.

Additional AC Unit Cleaning Methods

Hosing down your AC condenser during air conditioning service in Peterborough will undoubtedly improve its performance, there are other things you should do to make sure it is as clean as possible. Here are some additional tips on properly cleaning your air conditioner and getting it ready for the summer, when you’ll probably be using it more frequently.

Spray the Fins

Unclean air conditioners or heat pumps can harm the cooling system’s effectiveness in your home. You can rinse the interior fins of your air conditioner while spraying the outside. Remove the fan and decrease the water pressure to a moderate flow before you start. Another vital point is that you must perform this activity on a day that is at least 60 degrees.

The ideal temperature to test your air conditioner is 60 degrees. Before hosing the fins, vacuum them for a more thorough cleaning. The fins are fairly sensitive and damaged, so you can use a light brush, but it must be gentle.

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Evaporator coil cleaning is an essential component of AC unit ownership. But this isn’t the most straightforward DIY project. It’s okay to leave this to professional and routine maintenance if you’d rather avoid the risk or deal with it. However, this isn’t something every individual can do or feels comfy doing. Don’t worry if you decide not to take advantage of the chance.


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