Painful Problems Caused By NOT Changing Your Air Filter

If you spent a day in our workplace, you’d hear us asking customers who have AC issues the same question over and over again: ‘Have you changed your air filter recently?’

The air filter gets filled with dirt and debris, which contributes to a series of AC problems including issues cooling the home or AC leaks. Most homeowners have no idea how damaging a dirty air filter can be. In Peterborough, HVAC companies like Kawartha Eco Climate Control are there to always guide you with the best solutions and alternatives.

Now you know that it is extremely important for you to change the air filter. If you don’t, you’ll experience the following issues, eventually leading it to fail.

Some Other Issues A Clogged Air Filter Can Cause Include:

Decreased Comfort

When you have a clogged filter, the layer of the dirt and the dust restricts the amount of air that your system can breathe in, which contributes to less cold air in your home and decreased comfort for you and your family.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Over time, dirt and dust will accumulate in the air duct, which means a good amount is being pushed directly into your house and into the air you breathe. This polluted air can contribute to dangerous breathing problems such as asthma and other chronic allergies, which can drastically affect your health. 

Your AC Unit Will Eventually Break Down

The amount of tension caused by the clogged air filter means that your unit’s motors are working harder than they were designed to, making it less efficient and more likely to break down before it should.

Unreasonably High Energy Bills

When your system works harder than it needs to, it’s also consuming more electricity when compared to the normal days when it has a fresh air filter.  

Want To Prevent These Problems? Then Try These Tips

Check the air filter once a month and change it if it’s dirty. Kawartha Eco Climate Control, an air conditioning repair company in Peterborough, is there to help you if you can’t change the filter on your own. Your air conditioner needs professional maintenance and repairs at least once a year to keep the validity of the warranty. Therefore it’s always good not to let minor problems convert to major ones. You can prevent these by getting the servicing done by our experts as soon as possible.

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