HVAC Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

No one ever wants their air conditioning unit to break down, especially on sweltering days. Electrical appliances can malfunction whenever, but there can be a way to avoid this. Most of the people who run HVAC companies in Peterborough agree that there are certain warning signs you should never ignore. If you spot any of these, contact heating and air-conditioning services in Peterborough to get your ac looked at.

    1. Burning smells
      A burning smell is never good news. Air conditioners have a complex system and anything could start burning. It can signify a fire inside the unit. An electrical fire can be very dangerous so you should never ignore a burning smell. Immediately call one of the Peterborough HVAC companies for services.

    2. Water accumulation
      Water accumulation is a sign of some problem. Whether it’s leaking, drips or a puddle near your unit, you should never ignore it. It can be an indication of a larger issue. Some condensation is normal while the ac is running, especially on a hot day. However, water leakage can be a sign of a dirty air filter, a blocked drain pipe, or faulty installation. Besides, water near an electrical appliance is not safe. It also harms the other things in your house. Remember to get it looked at by a professional.

    3. Rotten egg smell
      This one is quite a dangerous warning sign. Natural gas smells like rotten eggs. So if you get this smell, you most likely have a gas leak. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and you should immediately leave your house and get help. Only come back inside once a professional tells you that it’s safe.

    4. Sky-high bills
      Electricity bills should be usually consistent. Although they do tend to go on the higher side during hot summer months, they shouldn’t fluctuate too much throughout the year. If they do, monitor your usage levels. Then, if the bill seems to be unnecessarily high, contact one of the Peterborough HVAC companies. High bills could be a sign that your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning effectively.

    5. Ineffective cooling
      If your air conditioning unit isn’t cooling up the room like it used to, this is a warning sign to get it looked at. Usually, some kind of repair will fix this issue. But if you’ve had the ac for several years, then it may be time to replace it. Regardless, heating and air conditioning companies in Peterborough can provide you with a solution.

    6. Loud noises
      When your ac is making really loud noises, this might be an indication of a problem. Depending on the type of noise, the problem can be understood. A buzzing or humming sound may mean that the compressor isn’t working. A banging sound can mean a broken or loose part inside the unit. A screeching sound often means a refrigerant leak. A leak of that sort is very damaging to the unit as well as your health, so don’t ignore it.

These are some of the warning signs which should never be ignored. If you pay close attention to them and get them fixed earlier, your ac is less likely to completely break down. Act smart and don’t wait for your ac to develop larger issues. Contact Peterborough HVAC companies when you see any warning signs and protect your ac!