Furnace Maintenance in Peterborough, ON

Furnace Maintenance In Peterborough, Lindsay, Lakefield, ON and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance Peterborough - What You Need To Know

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the life of your furnace. Regular maintenance helps keep the furnace running efficiently and cost-effective while ensuring that you are getting the best performance. Older furnaces may require that extra touch to ensure everything is working to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Basic furnace maintenance can be done by the homeowner, replacing the filter, making sure debris is swept and cleared from the furnace. It does take some time to clean out all the little nooks and crannies that get clogged with hair, oil, and dirt.

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance will help reduce the amount of furnace repairs needed in the future. The professionals at Kawartha Eco Climate Control will inspect all safety controls and wire connections; clean and inspect burners and burner compartments. We will do a visual inspection of the heat exchanger, clean, and check the thermocouple, ignitor, spark electrode, pilot. We will remove, and clean the blower, inspect the venting system, lubricate all moving parts while cycling the furnace for maximum efficiency.

There are many types of furnaces that require different manufacture maintenance plans. Let the experts at Kawartha Eco Climate Control service your furnace the way it was meant to be maintained.

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