5 Situations When You Should Call For AC Repair

It could be excruciating to live with a broken air conditioner. It’s also aggravating not to understand why your air conditioner has problems. It’s preferable to get it fixed in the spring before the repair businesses become too busy to help you, so there’s no better time for air conditioning service in Peterborough than now. It’s essential to understand the most prevalent reasons for air conditioning repair. Getting through the sweltering summer heat is impossible without a functioning air conditioning system.

What Are The Signs That The Air Conditioner Requires Repair?

The whole experience can be less stressful for your wallet if you learn to listen to your system when it indicates trouble. Signs that you need professional air conditioner repair in Peterborough, include:

1. Warm Air

Warm air flowing out of your vents is a symptom that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. It could indicate that the compressor isn’t correctly chilling the air or that your system has insufficient refrigerant. As a result, you may be paying for energy while receiving no benefit. Another probable culprit is a crack or leak in your ductwork that allows warm air to enter from the attic or crawl space.

2. Unusual Smells

Odors from your system that are unusual or unpleasant are a sign that something is wrong. While smells can indicate various issues, electrical wiring damage is prevalent and pose a significant risk. As a result, you should arrange an air conditioning service in Peterborough right away.

3. Leaking or Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels in air conditioners can occur months or even minutes after installation. If the HVAC unit is low on refrigerant, it won’t be able to provide enough cooling to cool your entire home. Leaking refrigerants can be detected by a substantial increase in heat within a few days. To remedy the low or leaking refrigerant problem, you’ll need to hire an experienced AC repair specialist.

4. Insufficient Airflow

Suppose you’ve discovered that the airflow from your vents has slowed or stopped entirely. If this is the case, the air will not be able to circulate correctly to cool the space. It indicates a problem with your HVAC system’s air ducts or the compressor.

5. Strange Noises

Call our air conditioning technicians if you hear a loud screeching noise and the fan is not moving. If the noise comes from outside your house, there are two possibilities: various electrical faults could be causing the fan’s engagement failure or there’s an issue with the compressor.

Don’t allow a minor issue to turn into an expensive AC repair. If you notice any issue with your AC unit, call Kawartha Eco Climate Control at 705-868-8246 today for air conditioner repair in Peterborough. You can call or email our team at anytime; we are open seven days a week.