What Are The Signs Of A Bad Thermostat?

Heating and cooling systems are necessary equipment in our houses that protect us from harsh weather. Many times, our HVAC systems can stop working due to many reasons. Before calling the Peterborough furnace repair services, checking out your thermostat might be a good idea. The thermostat is the main component of HVAC systems. If there’s a problem with the thermostat, your heating and cooling systems won’t work properly.

Common Telltale Signs of Time to Repair or Replace Your Thermostat:

  1. Your HVAC Systems Keep Switching On and Off
    The thermostat changes the temperature of your house by sending the commands given to the furnace or cooler. If your thermostat keeps switching on & off, or your HVAC systems do not respond to the thermostat, the thermostat is likely damaged. The thermostat might keep switching on & off due to problems in the wired connection or if the wires become frayed.

  2. The Readings on the Thermostat are Wrong

    The thermostat has a sensor that senses the temperature of your house and changes it accordingly. You can check if the readings are wrong with the help of an indoor thermometer.

  3. Frequent Shifts in Temperature
    Your thermostat changes the temperature of your house as required. However, if there are frequent changes in the temperature of your house, your thermostat might be the problem. A damaged thermostat may cause constant changes in temperatures without any obvious reason.

  4. The Thermostat is Unresponsive to Changed Settings
    If you change your settings in the thermostat, it should respond immediately and produce a clicking sound. If your HVAC systems do not respond, it is time to replace your thermostat.

  5. The Settings Reprogram Themselves

    Certain thermostats have the function to program them, and they maintain the provided settings for a long time. If the settings on your thermostat change frequently even after programming them, you might need to call someone to inspect it.

    If you know that your thermostat is old, you can replace it before creating any above problems. There are a lot of newer thermostats available in the market with newer and advanced technologies. You can find the solutions for a faulty thermostat using the steps we’ve provided.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Check the temperature settings on your thermostat and ensure that you haven’t made a mistake while changing the settings.
  • Replace the batteries in your thermostat and check if it responds with new batteries.
  • There might be some problem with the circuit of your thermostat. You can try to reset your house’s circuit breaker by flipping the switch off and then turning it on again.

If you do not find any problems with the thermostat, signs are that your HVAC system needs replacement. Call up the services offering furnace installation in Peterborough to know the details.

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