Ductwork Installation Peterborough

Ductwork installation

Ductwork installation - what you need to know

Ductwork Installation Peterborough For Your HVAC

Ductwork installation has quite a few facets and factors that need to be considered carefully for you to have an effective setup. Your ductwork plays a particularly important role in circulating the air from your furnace and air conditioning systems.

Leaks in your duct work can increase your energy bills by 30% as well as create back drafting where it pulls harmful gases throughout the home.

Ductwork Installation Peterborough

Ductwork installation should be left to a professional installer. You want to make sure the right materials are being used, along with the most efficient measurements. You want to make sure the blower in your heating or cooling system can move the air through the ducting efficiently, a poorly planned layout will create problems down the road along with higher energy bill.

Even the best high efficiency furnaces will not perform at their best with leaks in the ductwork. If the ducts are not properly sealed, air will escape, and pressure will be lost.

Let the professionals at Kawartha Eco Climate Control handle your next ductwork installation.