Is It Time To Replace Or Repair My HVAC?

An air conditioner has grown up to be a necessity for our comfort in the summer. In a single lifespan of the unit, we are bound to call for an air conditioner repair in Peterborough.

The time when you opt to repair or replace the HVAC system

Since replacement costs more than repair work, we will inform you about the extreme conditions when you need to go for air conditioning replacement in Peterborough.

Dirty Air Filters

You must know how necessary the air filters are for the AC. Air filters are responsible for removing harmful pollens, invisible, flying materials, dirt, dust, etc., from the indoor air.

You can clean and reset the filters on your own, but in a difficult situation, you must seek the help of a professional air conditioner repairs in Peterborough.

Warm Air From The Vent

We are accustomed to the comfortable air conditioning service in Peterborough. If this turns out to be otherwise, like warm air in the blazing summer, you can count on that your AC has witnessed one or multiple problems such as:

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils

These coils always remained filled with refrigerants to cool the warm air. Indoor air travels to the evaporator coil region for the same. If the icing keeps happening after the repair, you should consider replacing it.

  • Clogged Condenser Unit

Many times, the condenser unit becomes clogged with dirt and debris. You can clean the area or call for professional air conditioner repairs in Peterborough.

Utility Bill Keeps Increasing

If your utility bill has exceeded expectations, it is suggested to hire a professional air conditioning service in Peterborough to inspect various parts of your AC unit.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

If you notice that your AC is failing to provide equal temperature across the room, you can ascertain that something is wrong with your air conditioner system.

A probable reason can be the ductworks that circulate air in your room. In such a situation, we advise you to take the help of an expert air conditioner repairs in Peterborough.

The AC Unit is Old Enough

A regular air conditioner unit runs for about 15 to 20 years. You must consider replacing your existing HVAC system if it is approaching this time frame.

As the unit gets old, you will start witnessing different problems gradually. Not getting enough quality air in your house will be the main problem.

Strange Noise from the Unit

As an electronic appliance, your AC is bound to make some noise, but such will not be a problem for you. However, if you notice that your AC keeps making noises like screeching, crumbling, or squeaking, you might have a problem.

Such a problem arises when the airflow or the water pan is overflowing. At this point, we suggest you hire professional help to look into this matter.


Replacement might be expensive, but it is imperative to choose replacement over repair work wherever it is deemed necessary. It is pertinent that you should have contact with a professional air conditioning service in PeterboroughKawartha Eco Climate Control.

We boast of our comprehensive HVAC service in the locality. Our affordable air conditioner repair in Peterborough will make you forget other AC contractors. Contact us today.