Can A Homeowner Install Their Furnace?

Nowadays, homeowners are learning several new skills and trying to be self-dependent to fix their HVAC issues. They are learning how to repair and maintain appliances by themselves. It helps cut costs on repair, maintenance, and installation services, along with making one self-reliable. Although it may seem a good idea for several appliances, it is best to leave procedures such as installation and repair of heavy appliances in the hands of professionals.

There are several reasons to let the experts install a new furnace in your home. Installation of the furnaces requires training and experience. An electric or gas furnace is extremely dangerous if not fitted properly. Improper installation may damage the furnace, creating the need to call furnace repair in Peterborough.

Dangerous Consequences of Furnaces Being Fitted Incorrectly

Several things can go wrong if untrained homeowners try to install their furnaces.

  • Problems in Combustion

Furnaces are complicated appliances that need to be installed by an HVAC expert. It requires training and experience to fit all the parts and ensure proper combustion. The faulty fitting can cause the fuel to burn inefficiently.

Due to this, your furnace might leak gasses such as carbon monoxide. Breathing carbon monoxide can cause a lot of illnesses and can even be fatal. In case of a carbon monoxide leak, call a fireplace service in Peterborough.

  • Selection of the Appropriate Furnace

Selecting the appropriate furnace for your home does not just mean finding a suitable size. Choosing a suitable furnace for a house requires knowledge of all types of furnaces. A lot of factors need to be considered by your HVAC consultant before showing you suitable furnaces. These factors include-

  • Number of rooms
  • Your heating needs
  • Room layout
  • Knowledge of local climate
  • Window sizes
  • Insulation quality
  • Plus, many additional factors

  • Handling of Sharp Metals

Installing a furnace requires handling metal sheets that might not look dangerous but are extremely sharp. Utmost care needs to be taken while installing such sharp metal equipment.

  • Gas Leak

Many things can go wrong if you try to install a furnace without professional help. Gas leaks are common problems that are caused due to cracks or leaks in pipes. If untrained individuals install a furnace, the chance of gas leakage is higher.

Although we can smell the leak, pinpointing the source can be challenging. A single spark can cause an explosion causing serious harm to life and property. If you smell gas in your home, immediately call heating repair in Peterborough.

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