What Are Some Tips For Repairing An AC?

When an air conditioner starts malfunctioning, you may be worried about the cost of labor and air conditioner repair in Peterborough. However, if you examine your conditioning unit and find that it’s a simple solution, you could potentially repair it yourself and save money on AC repairs.

Six Tips For DIY AC Repair

Before you begin working on any repairs, turn the AC off and collect the tools you’ll need. This includes equipment like a screwdriver, extra batteries, nozzle, vacuum, a brush, coil cleaning spray, etc.

Start With The Thermostat

The first step is to check the condition of your thermostat. If the batteries are low, they may be the reason your AC isn’t functioning properly. To check this, turn the power to your unit off, remove the thermostat’s cover, and take out the batteries. If they’re corroded or dead, replace them with new ones.

Replace The Air Filter

Next, take a look at the air filter. A clogged air filter can restrict airflow and cause all sorts of problems for your AC unit, including making it work harder than necessary to cool your home. To replace the air filter, simply remove the old one and insert a new one in its place. We recommend changing or cleaning the filter, every one to three months.

Flush The Drain Lines

If you replace and clean your filter regularly, you still face AC performance problems. If the drain line is not properly draining the water, it’s time to clean it. Pour some chlorine bleach and flush it with the water to clean it.

Clean Condenser Unit

If the outdoor condenser unit is blocked by grass, leaves, or other debris, it won’t be able to dissipate heat properly. This will cause the unit to overheat and shut down. Remove any obstructions and clear away any debris. You should also clean the unit with a garden hose at least once a year.

Turn Off The Circuit Breaker

When there is a problem with the electrical connections of your house, a circuit breaker trips. You can restart the circuit breaker by turning it off briefly and then pushing the breaker to the ON position again.

However, if the breaker continues to trip regularly, you’ll need to contact a qualified HVAC technician for air conditioner repair in Peterborough.

Defrost The Evaporator Coil

If the evaporator coil is frosted over, it can’t absorb heat from the air, which will cause the unit to put out warm air. Turn off the unit and let the frost thaw before turning it back on.

These are some of the common reasons behind the malfunctioning AC unit. If the problem was not resolved from any of these DIY solutions, you should call us for professional air conditioning service in Peterborough.

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