Loud Knocking Sound Coming From My AC: Reason and Troubleshooting

In today’s world, air conditioners are a must. Throughout the hotter weather, they maintain a comfortable temperature. According to experts of air conditioning installation in Peterborough, when homeowners hear obtrusive and loud noises from their system, it warns them that something is wrong.

Switch off the system and get in touch with a qualified HVAC technician to identify and resolve the AC’s problem for optimum and effective operation. The system’s condition may deteriorate and be further damaged if you ignore the knocking noises it is making, necessitating costly repairs.

Loud noises emanating from a residential air conditioner are abnormal; these devices are made to run quietly, with noise scarcely audible to anyone within the house. Your AC unit is malfunctioning if it makes a loud knocking noise. This issue requires a professional air conditioner repair in Peterborough.

If you hear a knocking sound from your AC, it may be one of the following problems:

There is a Loose Compressor Fan

If your AC compressor (the outdoor unit) is making a knocking sound, a fan or one of its blades may be loose. As a result, various compressor components may be struck by the fan’s blades, making a loud knocking noise.

Something is Lodged Inside the Compressor

Small items like twigs and acorns can fall inside your AC compressor unit because it’s outside. The fan will strike the object if this occurs, and it is in the course of the fan. Depending on the object’s material, this could produce a knocking or slamming sound. You should contact a pro for air conditioner repair in Peterborough.

Another Component has been Detached

The piston pin, crankshaft, connecting rod, or even a screw are a few parts of your air conditioner that could come loose or separate over time. These bits will be rattled inside your compressor once they get loose, which can be noisy.

The Blower has a Problem

A blower, which is effectively a fan, is used by central air conditioners to force air through your ducting. You might hear odd noises from your air conditioner when there is an issue with the blower, including pounding and knocking sounds.

Other Sounds That are like AC Knocking:

Other noises caused by other issues can also sound like knocking noises. For instance:

  • Rattling sounds are frequently the result of a loose screw or other component rolling around inside the appliance, particularly the blower. If the sound keeps coming from the outdoor unit, it may occasionally be a twig or other debris.
  • Electrical components can make noises like chattering or clicking.
  • This noise should only occur when the AC is first turned on. If so, it should be serviced and may be replaced.
  • Squeaking and rattling are typically signs that the fan is failing, especially if it is an outdoor fan.

What Should I do if My Air Conditioner is Knocking?

Whatever the cause, these noises need to be taken seriously. Your AC unit should be turned off first because leaving it running could result in more harm. You will typically need to contact a specialist. Loose components can frequently be put back into place, but more significant damage may necessitate replacing a part or, in certain situations, the entire machine.

Kawartha Eco Climate Control will attempt to repair your current air conditioning equipment; however, unless doing so is in your best interests, we’ll never attempt to sell you a new one. Contact us to save money on air conditioning installation in Peterborough.